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Atmosfair: Aiming to decarbonize the world economy

The Dawn of a New Era in Cooking

Atmosfair Climate & Sustainability Limited (ACSL) is the Nigerian subsidiary of Atmosfair gGmbH a German non-profit organization that actively contributes to carbon dioxide (CO2) mitigation by promoting, developing, and financing renewable energies in over 22 countries worldwide. Atmosfair relies exclusively on voluntary climate protection contributions from private individuals and businesses.


Cook with less smoke
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Introducing Save80®: More Than a Stove, It's a Lifestyle Revolution

Every so often, a product emerges that doesn’t merely serve a function—it alters the fabric of daily life. The Save80® Stove is that transformative marvel. Designed for those who seek efficiency without compromise, it’s not just a cooking device; it’s a statement.

Economize Without any Sacrifice

Gone are the days of excessive firewood burning and the constant need to replenish. With the Save80® stove, achieve an 80% reduction in firewood use compared to traditional methods. That's not just savings; it's a revolution in resource conservation.

Precision-Engineered for Excellence

Boil 6 litres of water using just 250g of dry firewood, and do it faster than you ever thought possible. The Save80® doesn’t just work—it excels. Its interior, forged from the finest stainless steel, promises enduring performance, ensuring that every flame burns brighter.

Embrace Simplicity, Embody Elegance

With its automatic air regulation, the Save80® epitomizes effortless cooking. No more manual tweaks, no more guesswork—just consistent, perfect results. And its resilience against the wind means you cook in peace, no matter the weather, come rain or shine.
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The Save80® isn’t just a product; it’s a movement. As we ramp up mass production, we’re not just meeting demand—we’re igniting a global shift towards sustainable living.

In the vast panorama of culinary tools, the Save80® stands alone—not just as a stove, but as a symbol of innovation and sustainability. Embrace the future; make the Save80® a part of your journey.


What People Say About Save® 80

The Save80 can change your life positively because of less smoke, easy and enjoyable cooking while saving money.