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Our Story

About us

At Atmosfair Climate & Sustainability, our inspiration is the power of clean cooking to transform lives. Our revolutionary Save80 stove sparked a national movement for eco-friendly cooking. This award-winning German engineering reduces emissions and deforestation by up to 80% compared to traditional stoves. The Save80 protects the health of families across Nigeria, preventing lung infections from toxic cooking fumes. It empowers financially vulnerable households to save money on firewood costs. Our stoves are manufactured right here in Nigeria, stimulating job creation, expertise, and a thriving clean energy economy. For over a decade, our social enterprise has brought the life-changing magic of clean cooking to tens of thousands of homes. Our expanding network of local partners allows Nigerian communities to cook sustainably, affordably and safely. Join us as we bring clean air and clean energy to all Nigerian households – and lead the charge towards a greener future.

Our beliefs

We aim to decarbonise the Economy

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our mission is to make clean cooking accessible and affordable for every Nigerian family. We develop stoves that reduce emissions and firewood consumption by up to 80% compared to traditional cooking. Producing the award-winning Save80 stove locally stimulates manufacturing, jobs, expertise and a thriving clean energy economy. Together, we can transform Nigeria into a nation of clean cooking and clean air for all.

Our vision is a future where clean stoves are used in every Nigerian home. Where families breathe clean air free of smoke and toxic fumes. Where Nigeria's forests flourish, protected by sustainable, low-emission cooking nationwide. And where people's health, livelihoods and environment all benefit from locally-made, clean cooking solutions. We envision Nigeria leading the way in clean energy innovation.

Help is Our Goal

Our Values


We push stove design boundaries through pioneering German engineering

Social Impact

Our stoves make measurable improvements in health, poverty and conservation.


We enable all Nigerians, regardless of income, to access clean cooking.


We build partnerships to accelerate Nigeria's transition to sustainability.

Eco Stewardship

Our operations safeguard natural resources for future generations.